Temperature-Controlled Storage

Find temperature-regulated self storage units in Centerville

Extra Protection for Your Belongings

Keep your sensitive items safe with our self storage units

Choose a temperature-controlled self storage unit to help keep your more sensitive items extra safe. 

Some items are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature. We solve that by providing self storage units with a regulated internal temperature! 

Find the right self storage unit for you now with Centerville Self Storage.

What Items to Store

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  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
  • Documents
  • And many more!

Free Handcart Use

Need some extra help with moving into your new temperature-controlled self storage unit? 

For temperature-controlled storage units only, we offer free use of our handcarts for move-ins! 

Find your temperature-controlled self storage unit and enjoy an easier move-in process.

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